Our products are worldwide digital TV transmission protocol stacks such as ARIB, DVB, ATSC, and more; middleware including PVR, EPG, and BML browser used in digital device; authoring tools to easily create content for MHP; and mobile device simulator platform. Such full range of software product entirely supplied by a single company for digital devices is rare in the industry.

Software Solutions for North America and Korea Market

UNIQA Media is able to provide flexible Licensing terms for all of its North American DTV solutions, including PSI/ATSC-PSIP, DSMCC, EIA-708B, CableCard and tru2way. The DTV solutions are fully developed and ready to be ported to customer DTV platform and integrated with their existing DTV applications thus minimizing time to market.

MediaStackTM ATSC

-  PSI/ATSC-PSIP Library
-  DSMCC Library
-  EIA-708B Library
-  CableCARD Library
-  OTA

MediaStackTM tru2way

MediaStack-OCAP is UNIQA Media’s fully compliant CableLabs OCAP commercial implementation that is architected for easy portability to multiple platforms including ACAP (Advanced Common Application Platform).

MediaStackTM 708B

UNIQA Media's commercial implementation of 708B includes an advanced, integrated font engine and optimized screen display fonts, and its modular structure combines platform-dependent and independent components for optimum portability.

MediaStack 708B also incorporates legacy 608 analog caption support and includes the ability to display closed captioningin multiple languages simultaneously. Viewers can change all available properties of the displayed text to suit their needs, such as font style, character size, foreground and background color and edge effect.

We will supply you with software library to output and display for your system.

MediaStackTM CableCard

MediaStack CableCard Host Interface (CCHI) implements the OpenCable host protocol specification, enabling decryption of digital cable television transmissions without the need for a seperate set-top box. Its modular structure facilitates easy porting to different host environments, and suppliesresources and applications for key functions such as CA channel tuning.

We will supply you with software library to enable your system become CableCard ready.

Software Solutions for Japan Market

MediaStackTM ARIB

MediaStackTM ARIB is UNIQA's fully compliant ARIB commercial implementation that is architected for easy portability to multiple platforms. It supports the ARIB specifications B-23, B-24 and B-10. MediaStackTM ARIB was created independently of a specific virtual machine or hardware platform to ensure portability and interoperability, and to provide customers with multiple vendor options.

-  Basic stack adhering to the ARIB specification
-  B-CAS support
-  Japanese terrestrial digital, BS/CS 110-degree digital broadcasting support
-  One segment service support


MediaStackTM ARIB-J

ARIB-J is the Japanese specification developed based on the DVB-MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) specification. "J" refers to Java. Initially, ARIB-J referred to both DVB-MHP and GEM standards. We can supply you ARIB-J library.

MediaStackTM One Seg

One Seg is a specific requirement for the delivery of digital TV content to mobile devices in Japan. UNIQA Media has a "One Seg" version of its MediaStackTM technology and we can supply it for your DTV solutions.

Software Solutions for Asia and Europe

MediaStackTM DVB Stack

Parts of Asia and Europe are now rolling out Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) products and services. UNIQA Media's range of middleware solutions; hardware components; and professional services provide customers with all they need to take advantage of this new growth market. UNIQA Media can supply you with these stacks.

- DVB-T/C/S software stack
- DVB-H software stack
- DVB-MHP software stack

For MHP, we also have authoring tool and turnkey system solutions available for you.

Software Solutions for China

MediaStackTM DTVM

For China market, we can supply you with DTVM stack which is based on GEM standard. We can also provide you with total turnkey software and system solutions for China market.

Software Solutions for South America

MediaStackTM SBTVD

Based on Japanese ARIB ISDB-T, we have developed SBTVD Zapper based software stack. This supports H.264 with full HD as well as “One Seg”.
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